99 Tiny Games

Image: Kevan Davis

With less than one day to go until the Olympic torch gets lit and the London 2012 Games are finally under way, there’s never been a better time to get your competition on. But, if hoofing it round a track in lycra doesn’t appeal, try a more gentle approach to sport…

From 28 July to 20 August courtesy of this summer’s Showtime festival you’ll find 99 Tiny Games scattered across London’s thirty-three boroughs, for anyone to play.

These easy peasy competitions are mostly for up to four people, can be played in a matter of minutes and feature everything from memory games in Morden to hide and seek in Haringay. We particularly like the look of Harrow’s ‘Shut Eye Steps’ –  ‘a game for any number of quiet-stepping players’. Imagine how weird you’ll look…

Parks, bus stops and tube stations are the most likely candidates for the tiny games to be located, so either go online to find your nearest spot, or keep your eyes peeled for the posters. May the Games begin!

To find out more, go to www.99tinygames.co.uk or try #99tinygames

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