Paxton Green Time Bank

Image: Martin Beek

Nowadays, you think ‘bank’, you think bad things, right?

But what if you were a member of a bank where there was no penalty for being in debt? And where the exchange rate always stays exactly the same: give one hour of your time, and get one back? That’s the kind of bank that you’ll find in Paxton Green, South East London, where their Time Bank is flourishing. Set up by the local health centre and aided by the Lambeth Primary Care Trust, this project takes volunteering to the next level by bringing a community together – and it’s flourishing.

Over 200 participants ‘deposit’ their time in the bank by helping other people out, and are equally able to withdraw their time when they need some help themselves – whether it’s making phone calls, giving a lift to the shops or even sharing a meal. And it’s been recognised by the Dulwich Picture Gallery, too, who recently offered free passes to the members. The charity has even attracted praise from Jo Brand, who said: ‘Paxton Green Time Bank is doing a fantastic job in helping our communities get together to help others and help themselves, sharing their skills and time.’

If you’d like to find out more about the Paxton Green Time Bank – and how to get involved – click here.

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