London’s spiciest chilli

Chilli peppers

Photography: Nigel John Wade

Looking for London’s hottest mouthful? The Great Fire of London continues to rage in kitchens across the capital thanks to a rocket-propelled boost from Portobello Road chilli specialist The Spice Shop.

Inside this heady shrine to over 2,500 seasonings, you’ll find one of the most impressive chilli stocks in the UK, with such foreboding names as Facing Heaven and Devil’s Penis. But the head honcho in the heat stakes has to be the Naga Jolokia chilli that registers over a stomach-melting million points on the Scoville scale – the measurement used to calculate pepper heat. A jalapeno pepper is a mere 2,500.

If you’d rather not risk respiratory failure, try the Kashmiri chilli. It has a bit of a kick and is almost fruity in flavour.

The Spice Shop is open Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 6pm and from 11am to 3pm on Sundays. 1 Blenheim Crescent, W11. For more information, visit

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