The perfect guest home

Want to make some extra money from your home? Well now you can. Luxury rentals company One Fine Stay tells Completely Londoners how..

With many Londoners feeling the financial squeeze, it makes sense to put your home to good use when you’re not there. Homeowners are now renting their spaces out to visitors when they are on holiday – it’s a savvy way to earn some additional income, and if you have a beautiful home, why not share it with others? As experts, here are our tips on creating the perfect guest home:

Treat your guests like kings and queens

Would-be visitors will want to feel like they are welcome treat your home as their own, so expect them to use an odd tea bag or three. Stock up on essentials, so they can settle right in.

Make your guest’s stay that little bit better by leaving a few little treats out, whether it’s a bar of chocolate or a bottle of wine if they fancy a quiet night in. You will often find that guests will replace things, as a gesture of goodwill. What comes around goes around…

It’s the detail that matters

Think of your home like a car showroom, you want it to gleam and glisten in all its glory. If you have tired paint work on the exterior that needs a retouch, or a grubby sofa, then get to it. It’s the little details that make a stay special; so by going the extra mile your guests will feel valued and more likely to make a return visit when you’re away next time!

Accidents do happen, so do leave maintenance essentials like spare bulbs and extra batteries, and ensure electrical devices are working before guests arrive to keep disruption to a minimum.

Be their guide

Leaving hints and tips for guests on the best places to dine or where to enjoy the local area will ensure they have a great time during their stay and may recommend your home to other potentials. Your insight will help them feel like a local.

If you know where the coolest speakeasy is, or you can list the latest pop-ups like they were old news, share this insider knowledge with guests to make them feel like London is their town too.

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