Time for a tipple: cocktails at Colebrooke Row

London cocktail barCompletely London gets shaken and stirred by 69 Colebrooke Row mixologist and Happy Hour alchemist Tony Conigliaro. Chin chin!

Tony Conigliaro’s approach to crafting a cocktail goes way beyond the norm. For proof, take a peek in the lab on the top floor of his north London drinking establishment.

Instead of the regular stainless steel shaker and long-handled spoons, you’ll find a Rotavapor machine (a glass ‘still’ designed to evaporate liquids); a refrigerated centrifuge (to separate ingredients at a high velocity) and all manner of bottled infusions and mixology mash-ups at various stages of maturity.

It’s Cocktail O’Clock at 69 Colebrooke Row…

69 Colebrooke Row, N1 8AA, 07540 528 593, (booking advised)

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