Tube Bag Rants by Mardy Mabel

Tired of the tube? Sick of strangers invading your space? Let your tote bag do the talking – specifically, one of Mardy Mabel’s bags, aptly named ‘Tube Rant’.

Mardy Mabel’s acerbic lines read like mini poems – short, sharp comebacks you wish you were clever enough to come up with (or are just too shy to ever try out). The pithy putdowns originate from the author’s Facebook updates about her arguments on the tube or spats with people in shop queues – and her realisation that they’d attracted a lot of ‘likes’. Purveyors can also purchase sardonic greetings cards that’ll give it to you straight, think: ‘I’d rather drink a litre of bleach’ or ‘I go to festivals to have my profile pictures taken’.

‘I’ve always loved buying insulting greetings’, the author says, ‘so I decided to turn my rage into a craft, and Mardy Mabel was born’. The first card I ever made was “Never Date A Short Man”, which speaks for itself really…’

Mardy Mabel is launching a new range of tote bags in the next month, along with many more greetings cards and badges. Bigger projects are in the pipeline too, but she’s not sodding well telling you about them at the moment. Visit her site here (complete with mardy blog) or her Etsy Shop. She’s also on hand to do commissions - if you ask nicely enough.

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