Wellington’s Travel Old New Map of London

Wellington's Travel Grand Map of Central LondonA beautiful map of the capital is a must for every Londoner, and there are some stunning examples to be found. Some have historical significance, some are incredibly detailed, and others just demand to be looked at.

The Grand Map of Central London by Wellington’s Travel took cartographer and artist A. Butler over three years to create and accurately depicts the city as it is now – complete with the Shard and newly developed ‘horse carriage roads’ – while retaining the distinctive 1800s style of antique mapping.

The map was made to commemorate the forthcoming Olympics, so it includes Olympians in locations where sporting events will take place. For example, those who look closely will spot illustrated archers in the Lord’s Cricket Ground, triathletes in Hyde Park, and rowers on the River Thames.

And while this year’s Olympic visitors might not need a paper map to find their way around town (we’re sure it will be smart phones all round), they might well be tempted to take one of these home to stick on their wall.

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